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How to be Perfect (BOOK CLUB #05)

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How to be Perfect (BOOK CLUB #05)

The Correct Answer to Every Moral Question By Michael Schur
M: So you did a lot of research about a man who did a lot of research about people who did a lot of research? A: Pretty much, yeah.

*Yes, Matt sounds a bit like Alastor from “Hazbin Hotel” in this episode. Please excuse the audio quirk and enjoy the commentary!

In this episode of The Autistic Culture Book Club:

Hosts Angela and Matt discuss the book "How To Be Perfect: The Correct Answer to Every Moral Question" by Michael Schur, the creator of the TV show "The Good Place."

Angela explains how she found the book while researching for an episode about “The Good Place” (dropping next week!). She talks about the story of how Schur had a moral dilemma after his wife got into a minor car accident, which led him to explore moral philosophy and eventually create "The Good Place."

They discuss how the main characters in "The Good Place" represent different moral philosophers that Schur researched, like Aristotle and Kant. Angela points out how Kant seems quite Autistic in his rule-based approach to morality.

A: So there is definitely a lot about Michael Schur's quest to understand moral philosophy that is extremely Autistic. He then gets obsessed with studying Kant because Kant, when you study Kant, when you read Kant, it is very hard to argue Kant is not autistic.
M: Oh, that's awesome.
A: He has a lot of rules. They're very clear.

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