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Child-to-Parent Diagnostic Pipeline (Episode 48)

Child-to-Parent Diagnostic Pipeline (Episode 48)

Wait, that's Autism? But I do that too...
Listen to Autistic podcast hosts discuss: Child-to-Parent Diagnostic Pipeline. Listen now | Wait, that's Autism? But I do that too...
M: Welcome home. A: To your birthright. M: Yes.

Dr. Angela Lauria and Matt Lowry, LPP, are joined by filmmaker and Autistic advocate, Brett Malley to discuss some of the common experiences of parents realizing they are likely Autistic after their child gets diagnosed, which the hosts term the "Child to Parent Diagnostic Pipeline."

Brett shares his story: his son was struggling and misunderstood in school, leading to the son’s Autism diagnosis. Seeing the evaluation criteria opened Brett's eyes to recognizing himself and his own Autistic traits which led to his own evaluation and Autistic diagnosis.

“How I talk, how I write, the things I create, the things that I notice, the things I feel that—you know, everyone's like, ‘Eh, that's, that's just Brett.’ And I'm like, ‘It's not just me!’ I'm just so excited to have a community and talk to you two and all the other people that I've been able to communicate (with).” - Brett

Brett discusses both the useful aspects of getting an official autism diagnosis as an advocate and acceptance-raiser, as well as the downsides like medicalization and pathologization of natural neurodiversity.

They discuss how Autism is best understood as a common culture that people can recognize—and possibly, realize they are a part of.

“Nine-year-old kid had 34 books on German tanks from World War II. That's it! We didn't do a diagnosis. I didn't call Kaiser. I didn't have to pay out of pocket. That's all I got. I immediately started talking to that kid. I'm like, what's your favorite tank? Why? Show me the coolest picture. Which of these books? Let's go. There was no small talk.” - Angela

The hosts explore "imposter syndrome" around autism identity even after diagnosis. They envision a future where formal diagnosis isn't necessary—people can self-identify based on connecting with cultural experiences and still qualify for accommodations and supports.

“I really think that the identification process should literally be Autistic people chatting together and vibing because you know, as soon as you say, ‘32 books on German tanks…or my books, or my gardens, or my animals…’—whatever floats your boat—as soon as you get into that flow, you know. It's not diagnosis, it's identification….Welcome to the club. Welcome to our people. Welcome home.” - Matt

Brett introduces his forthcoming documentary film: “The Divergent Gift: Unboxing Autism” highlighting diverse voices across the autism spectrum. It aims to challenge stereotypes and focus on the gifts, as well as challenges, of being Autistic in an allistic-centric society.

What was on your “maybe” list when you were first realizing you’re Autistic?

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