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Community is Autistic (Episode 57)

Community is Autistic (Episode 57)

Six seasons and (soon) a movie!
M: We will discuss Abed far, far more because he is possibly the greatest character in the history of television.

Autistic hosts, Dr. Angela Lauria and Matt Lowry, LPP, discussed their love for the television show Community, which they consider an "Autistic love fest." They praised the show's protagonist Abed Nadir, played by Danny Pudi, as possibly the greatest Autistic character in TV history. Abed is canonically autistic on the show, and he embraces his identity without wishing to be neurotypical.

“Danny understands this and portrays it so well and so accurately without a hint of pity. He does not want to be neurotypical.” —Matt

The hosts talked about how the show's creator Dan Harmon realized he is on the autism spectrum himself as an adult while writing Abed.

The evolution of the relationships between the study group friends like Troy and Abed is explored, with the hosts praising how the show allows the characters to "unmask" and become more authentically themselves over time. Danny Pudi’s ability to accurately portray Abed's autistic mannerisms and traits are highlighted.

The hosts denounce common incorrect stereotypes about autistic people, like the idea they lack empathy or desire social connections. Matt and Angela celebrate the positive representation of Autistic culture in Community and contrast it with Sheldon Cooper and The Big Bang Theory.

“So it's a uniquely Autistic-centered—celebrating Autistic culture, celebrating Autistic heritage, celebrating the autistic mindset. Whereas Big Bang Theory, it's a laugh track constantly. The punchline is always autism.” —Matt

Details about the show's production are shared, including how Chevy Chase caused creator Dan Harmon to be fired for a period, leading to a poorly received 4th season under new allistic showrunners. The highly anticipated upcoming Community movie is discussed, including plot details revealed by Donald Glover about it being a reunion documentary.

Overall, Community is highly recommended by Matt and Angela as a show created by and for Autistics.

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