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Lessons in Chemistry is Autistic (Episode 56)

Lessons in Chemistry is Autistic (Episode 56)

An authentically Autistic love story
Listen to Autistic Podcast hosts discuss: Lessons in Chemistry is Autistic. An authentically Autistic love story. | Discussion includes: autistic traits in women (what Medical World calls symptoms of autism in women), autistic relationships, autistic adults, autistic children, autistic special interests, and justice sensitivity.
M: And if you're too busy doing the fluff and the image, you can't do your best work. You can't be your best self.

*contains SPOILERS

Dr. Angela Lauria and Matt Lowry, LPP, deep dive on the book and TV series "Lessons in Chemistry," which centers around an Autistic female scientist named Elizabeth Zott (played by Brie Larson) in the 1950s. Elizabeth forms a relationship with another scientist named Calvin Evans, who is also Autistic. Their relationship depicts an "Autistic love story" with themes like info-dumping as an expression of intimacy and negotiating accommodations.

“Like we talk about the double empathy problem and why relationships are easier if you are with another autistic person in some ways. That doesn't mean there are no problems or nothing to negotiate.” —Angela

Other notable autistic-coded characters are discussed, like Elizabeth's daughter Madeline—Mad—who is precocious and constantly asks complex questions. The portrayal shows a nurturing environment for an autistic child, contrasting with the gaslighting many autistics experience growing up.

“Like I said, that trauma and that gaslighting is so fundamental to like our expectation sensitivity, our need to document things. When you ask us a question like our need to give you 30 reasons why we made the decision we made because we know how badly these things go but they don't have to if you create a more neuro-inclusive family structure and that really happens.” —Angela

Themes of masking, special interests, data collection, and social justice advocacy also come up in portraying authentic Autistic Culture. Changes from the book to the TV adaptation are analyzed. Overall, the podcasters greatly appreciate the attention to detail and accurate depiction of autistic experiences and culture in the series.

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