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Doctor Who Update (Episode 55: Minisode #3)

Doctor Who Update (Episode 55: Minisode #3)

Updates on our favorite inclusive alien!
A: There's so much there about like the need for repair and the need for self care…like the doctor was in deep burnout.

*Contains SPOILERS

Hosts, Dr. Angela Lauria and Matt Lowry, LPP, enthusiastically discuss the recent 4-part 60th anniversary Doctor Who specials on Disney+ overseen by returning showrunner Russell T Davies.

M: T. Davies is gay himself. He's very outspoken about a great many aspects of making the world better for marginalized people.
A: Yeah, so basically imagine JK Rowling, and then imagine the opposite.
M: Like, yeah, he is the counterforce to JK Rowling.

They highlight Davies' commitment to inclusivity through new characters like ambulatory wheelchair user Ruth Madeley. The first special "The Starbeast" features the return of David Tennant's 10th Doctor unexpectedly regenerating back following Jodie Whittaker's 13th Doctor’s departure. It also brings back classic companion Donna Noble and her previously unknown transgender daughter, Rose.

The third special "The Toymaker" features Neil Patrick Harris as an omnipotent, game-playing villain, The Toymaker, from classic Doctor Who. A highlight is the rules-based games between the Toymaker and the Doctor.

“Whenever my sisters wanted me to keep a secret, they would bribe me with games like the number—’I'll play you three games if you don't tell mom this.’ So I love the way the the special interest of gaming comes into this episode.” —Angela

The fourth special features both Tennant and new upcoming 14th Doctor Ncuti Gatwa together, made possible through Tennant's Doctor "bi-generating" instead of regenerating. This allows multiple Doctors' timelines to co-exist. The specials end with both the 10th and 14th Doctors having their own (newly wheelchair accessible) TARDISes.

Overall, the hosts are overjoyed at Russell T Davies' Doctor Who return and his ability to honor the show's past while moving it inclusively into the future. They celebrate the possibilities opened for even more Doctors to potentially return through the established plot device of "bi-generation."

Are you a Whovian? Does the world of Doctor Who reflect your Autistic values and experiences too? Tell us in the comments and use #AutisticCultureCatch to share your answer on your social media and connect with other listeners!

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