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The Good Place is Autistic (Episode 58)

The Good Place is Autistic (Episode 58)

Holy mother forking shirtballs - what an Autistic show!
A: There are so many aspects of the show that are autistic in like every possible way.

#ActuallyAutistic Hosts, Dr. Angela Lauria and Matt Lowry, LPP, discuss the many autistic themes and characters in TV show "The Good Place.”

The character Chidi displays numerous Autistic traits, including a clear special interest he can insert into any conversation, process complexity, a concrete thinking style, consistent anxiety, interoception difficulties, and a high level of integrity adhering his own personal morality. His method of reading tables of contents to calm down also resonates—especially with Angela!

“So Chidi, my god, if there's ever an autistic coded character, it is definitely Chidi.” —Matt

Eleanor is Queer, loyal, and a human “bullshirt” detector. She demonstrates perspective-taking challenges, a tendency to miss allistic social cues, direct communication, and is lectured about her “tone.” Her backstory of trauma and adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) also fits the pattern of many late-diagnosed autistic women.

Jason embodies passionate interests with his fixation on the Jacksonville Jaguars and Molotov cocktails. This monotropic focus combined with a tendency to be inattentive aligns with ADHD which has a lot of overlap with autism.

“Well, so back in May, they discovered that ADHD brains are hyperconnected just like ours. So that's why there's such a large overlap. And now, again, for the longest time…they knew that our brains were immune to the mTORs, which caused the hyperconnected brains, which again, they try to cure us by pruning our brains, which resulted in a lot of brain cancer.” —Matt

The gradual evolution of the AI Janet's identity, as she asserts her preferences beyond what her original programming dictated, mirrors an autistic unmasking journey.

Tahani is exhausted from a lifetime of masking to fit her family's standards. Actor Jameela Jamil shares she has EDS, POTS, mast cell activation syndrome, and other conditions common among autistic individuals.

Architect Michael displays fascination with humans, impatience with excessive details, preference for concrete examples over philosophical debate, and a literal interpretation style.

Overall, the hosts see The Good Place as profoundly Autistic in its monotropic moral philosophy focus, diverse representation of neurodivergence, and insightful illustrations of autistic experiences.

Starting around 53:24 Angela spontaneously demonstrates which aspects of Autistic Culture? Tell us in the comments and use #AutisticCultureCatch to share your answer on your social media and connect with other listeners!

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