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Star Trek is Autistic (Episode 10)

Star Trek is Autistic (Episode 10)

Trekkies have a high concentration of Autistics, and the show’s development over the last 50 years tells us a lot about how Autistic culture has evolved.
Autism Podcast | Why do people on the autism spectrum love Star Trek? Listen to our Actually Autistic podcast hosts discuss the many Autistic characters who display Autism symptoms in adults (or "traits").  If you're a Trekkie, you might just start wondering, "Am I Autistic too?"
A: Within any super fan community I've been in--even if it's not coded Autistic--super fans tend to be Autistic, and just a super fan of anything—doesn't matter.

In this episode of The Autistic Culture Podcast:

We’re boldly going where no podcast has gone before! Listen in as Autistic podcast hosts discuss Star Trek’s many Autistic characters—likely due to Autistic writers shaping the stories. Spock is highlighted as a seminal example.

Autistics use their special interests to communicate, find community, and understand the world around them. While an allistic person may view themselves as a fan of a hobby, television show, or fictional universe, Star Trek fans demonstrate what fandom looks like when embraced by Autistic culture.

“We connect with the alien, we connect with the robot, we connect with the other, because we live in a world that does not accept or understand us.” —Matt

Animals play an important role in Autistic culture, providing emotional regulation and sensory soothing input—perfect for sensory seekers and sensory avoiders alike! Data's cat Spot illustrates this bond.

Autistic’s sharing their perspectives is often seen as "being difficult" by allistics (as children or adults), but in Autistic culture offering a different view point is considered engaging and insightful. This relates to the "double empathy problem."

“So I would say our our culture, from our perspective, is about going deep and challenging traditional assumptions and having very detailed nuanced conversations…I think the way our culture is perceived by allistics is like defensive, difficult, argumentative—a lot of those things.” —Angela

Autistics tend to question power structures and rules. Star Trek themes often explore bucking the system for moral reasons (we love some social advocacy!). Special interests and "info dumping" are central to Autistic culture. Conventions allow sharing niche interests. Star Trek super-fandom demonstrates this. Star Trek creates a hopeful future where outsiders like Autistics can find belonging. The franchise's optimism resonates with the goals of Autism awareness and Autism acceptance.

On this culture trip, the podcast hosts, Angela and Matt, share examples of Autistic perspectives on society and their own super-fan tendencies, modeling embracing their Autistic identities openly. Star Trek's themes of social justice and logical outsider characters have cultivated a strong Autistic fanbase. Listen in as the hosts discuss how the sci-fi show represents key aspects of Autistic culture.

Which Star Trek series or character is your favorite? Tell us about it in the comments!

For Autistic People, Star Trek Can be a Lens Into the World

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