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Eminem is Autistic (Episode 19)

Eminem is Autistic (Episode 19)

Matt and Angela talk about Autistic celebrity, Eminem, and his relatable lyrics about "Asperger syndrome"
Listen to autistic podcast hosts discuss: Eminem is autistic. Autism Podcast | Eminem asperger syndrome | Eminem is one of the most famous Autistic celebrities and Autistic musicians.  He displayed classic autism symptoms in teens, and his sensory seeking nature and intense interest in music led to a dynamite career.
Matt: Eminem said, oh, yes, I've got all these great big emotions and I will put them to paper because that is one thing that will help me.

In this episode of The Autistic Culture Podcast:

Podcast hosts Matt and Angela discuss the recent meme from Asperger's Syndrome Awareness that went viral, which suggested that Eminem is Autistic. While the rapper hasn’t publicly addressed the rumors surrounding his potential autism diagnosis, analysis of his lyrics (including a direct reference to “Asperger’s syndrome”) suggests that he is.

The hosts discuss the contributions to Autistic Culture Eminem has made and delve into Eminem's personal history. His childhood was marked by interest in comic books and dinosaurs, being bullied and beat up in school, frequently changing schools, and finding solace through drawing and writing raps/poetry—all common to Autistic people, especially children and teens.

They highlight common Autistic traits seen in Eminem like sensory overload, sensory-seeking, emotional intensity, OCD tendencies, addiction issues (caused by ableism), and a monotropic focus on rhyming lyrics as an emotional outlet. His intense special interest helped him process emotions and likely saved his life, allowing him to become globally successful as one of the best-selling music artists ever.

Angela: Here is what I think is really fun about Autistic Culture is we have our special interests and if we tap into them early--and obviously comic books was a big one for him, but also writing poetry and then rapping, and a lot of people want to take away our ‘annoying’ special interests. ‘Why do you keep talking about German tanks?’ ‘Why are you doodling non-stop in class?’ And I think this is a great example of how a special interest can also save your life.

Matt: Yes, yes, absolutely. Because when you have something to live for, because that's the thing, neurotypical people…They don't have the level of emotional intensity that we do and that especially doesn't lead to suicidal ideation. We have intense emotions, we are often isolated. And without something like our special interests to dive into, to give us purpose, to give us identity, the siren's call of suicide is one that far too many people succumb to.

Angela: Mm-hmm. I get it. I get it.

Throughout the episode, Matt and Angela draw on their own experiences as members of the Autistic community to offer insights and perspectives on what it means to be Autistic and how society can better support Autistic individuals.

The hosts conclude that in his lyrics, Eminem seems to demonstrate intimate knowledge of experiences common to people on the autism spectrum. Though he hasn't openly discussed being autistic in interviews, they welcome him to the Autistic community.

Do you like to express yourself through raps, songs, or poetry? Tell us about it in the comments!

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