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The Legend of Autistica (Episode 25)

The Legend of Autistica (Episode 25)

Celebrate Autism Acceptance Month with the origin story of our people and our pod!
Angela: And like, I always cry. It’s so good.

In this episode of The Autistic Culture Podcast:

Matt Lowry reads his original story "The Legend of Autistica," which serves as an origin myth for Autistic culture. Designed for children, the story appeals to teens and adults too!

The story depicts a land ruled by Emperor Nero Typicles, where people are forced to mask their true selves and “Always Behave Always”—a metaphor for the harms of prescribing ABA for autism.

“He issued clay masks to be worn at all times. These masks bore the rictus grins of the dead, and every citizen of the empire was expected to wear these heavy smiles in every situation, every single day.” —Matt

An Autistic warrior named Autismix, aided by a dragon named Thundercore, leads a rebellion to create the land of Autistica where neurodiversity is embraced. Autismix eventually grows old, and Thundercore vows to continue his mission of finding and welcoming Autistic individuals from across the world.

The podcast hosts reflect on the story's themes of authentic self-expression, community, representation, and embracing the autism spectrum and other neurological differences. They encourage listeners to share the story to increase positive portrayals of autism and provide healing counter-narratives to dominant medical model views.

“We are often judged by the allistic people for these very reasons. And there's so much pathology about autism as being a quote ‘medical diagnosis’ instead of as a culture, as a way of our people. And I do see us as a people.” —Matt

This episode centers around the oral telling of an allegorical Autistic origin story, intended to empower the audience through its imagery and messaging.

What does the Legend of Autistica mean to you? Tell us in the comments!

The Legend of Autistica on Matt’s website.

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The Autistic Culture Podcast
Welcome to the Autistic Culture Podcast. Each episode we dive deep into Autistic contributions to society and culture by introducing you to some of the world’s most famous and successful Autistics in history!
Whether you are Autistic or just love someone who is, your hosts, Dr. Angela Lauria, the Linguistic Autistic and Licensed Psychological Practitioner, Matt Lowry, welcome you to take this time to be fully immersed in the language, values, traditions, norms, and identity of Autistica!
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