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Update on Doctor Who, D&D, Sherlock, and Star Wars (Episode 40: Minisode #1)

Update on Doctor Who, D&D, Sherlock, and Star Wars (Episode 40: Minisode #1)

Who's the one man that sits at the center of this Autistic Venn diagram? Listen to find out!
Listen to Autistic podcast hosts discuss: Update on Doctor Who, D&D, Sherlock, and Star Wars. Autism Podcast | Was Peter Cushing on the Autism Spectrum?  Listen in to learn about this Autistic actor and the Autistic characters he played!  Plus, what Autistic activities and special interests he loved.
M: And how many minis would you think that this man had? A: At least 100…200. M: Over 2,000. He handmade over 2,000 soldiers.

By popular request, a minisode (mini-episode)! TACP’s Actually Autistic podcast hosts, Matt Lowry, LPP, and Dr. Angela Lauria, provide updates relating to Dungeons & Dragons, Doctor Who, Star Wars, and Sherlock Holmes.

Angela and Matt discuss Autistic actor Peter Cushing, who connects all four interests popular among people on the autism spectrum (and provides additional insights about Autistic productivity). Cushing starred in two 1960s Doctor Who films, played Grand Moff Tarkin in Star Wars, portrayed Sherlock Holmes, and was an avid player of the H.G. Wells game "War," which inspired Dungeons & Dragons.

The hosts share how Cushing handcrafted over 2,000 miniature soldiers and models for playing "War." Which speaks to Autistic Culture’s love of collecting, and skills with modeling, strategy games, and imaginative play.

Matt and Angela discuss how poor mental health led to a “SPIN drop”: when Autistic people lose connection with a SPIN or special interest (a part of who we are), and experience intense grief similar to experiencing a death.

Angela: And so when you lose a SPIN, it is like losing a part of yourself.
Matt: Yeah, these things make us who we are. These things help us with our identity.

Cushing’s story speaks to Autistic individuals and exemplifies Autistic Culture through his creative hobbies, special interests, and impressive collections.

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The Autistic Culture Podcast
Welcome to the Autistic Culture Podcast. Each episode we dive deep into Autistic contributions to society and culture by introducing you to some of the world’s most famous and successful Autistics in history!
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