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Welcome to Autistica (Episode 01)

Welcome to Autistica (Episode 01)

What we mean when we say "Autistic culture" and what we will explore in the podcast.
Autistic Podcast: What we mean when we say "Autistic culture" and why this isn't just another autism podcast. From Autistic celebrities, to autistic burnout we'll help you answer your most pressing questions like, "Am I Autistic?" in a more effective (and fun!) way than a boring (and flawed) "autism symptoms checklist."
Matt: And, you know, like I say, no one ever got ahead, and no one ever changed the world, by being like everyone else.

In this episode of The Autistic Culture Podcast:

Hosts, Dr. Angela Lauria and Matt Lowry, LPP, introduce the concept of viewing autism through a cultural lens rather than as a disorder. They discuss characteristics of Autistic culture like art, music, language, rituals, and social norms.

A sense of fairness and justice comes from the "intense world" perception—a result of the Autistic hyperconnected brain. Autistic culture generally rejects the idea of social hierarchies and encourages fighting for equity.

“Because of the (Autistic) hyper-connected brain, there's this thing called the ‘intense world theory’. Because we don't have a sensory filter to tune out extraneous data, we process far, far, far more, far much more data than neurotypicals do.” –Matt

Autistic activities, passions, and special interests lead to creating detailed fictional worlds, like in Star Wars, Marvel, and Pokemon. Famous Autistic scientists like Tesla and Einstein contributed technology shaped by Autistic thinking.

The "Autistic accent" refers to speech patterns like monotone, tangents (or mazing), and differences modulating breathing. Autistic accents are often judged by allistics (non-autistics) and can lead to biases. The hosts discuss masking and their goals to live unmasked lives.

“And now I'm going to be more fully expressed and stop spending so many of my resources trying to act like everyone else…I was like, oh, well, now that I know that I'm an eagle and not a chicken, I can stop trying so hard to be a chicken because this shit's exhausting.”

Autistic culture values comfort over fashion and personal uniforms are common. Food preferences tend towards bland, beige foods and avoiding spicy options—except for those who are sensory seeking with food.

Listen in each week to learn about: Autistic celebrities, Autistic musicians, Autistic scientists, Autistic actors, Autistic characters, Autistic activities and more! If you’ve been wondering, “Am I Autistic?” Then, this is the podcast for you!

On this culture trips, hosts, Matt and Angela, look forward to celebrating and sharing the many positive aspects of their Autistic culture.

What’s your favorite part of Autistic culture? Share in the comments!

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Autistic Culture
The Autistic Culture Podcast
Welcome to the Autistic Culture Podcast. Each episode we dive deep into Autistic contributions to society and culture by introducing you to some of the world’s most famous and successful Autistics in history!
Whether you are Autistic or just love someone who is, your hosts, Dr. Angela Lauria, the Linguistic Autistic and Licensed Psychological Practitioner, Matt Lowry, welcome you to take this time to be fully immersed in the language, values, traditions, norms, and identity of Autistica!
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