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AuCT {Fan Favorite Re-drop #1}

AuCT {Fan Favorite Re-drop #1}

Neurodiversity-affirming therapy for Autistic clients created by Autistic therapists

This episode originally aired on December 12, 2023 under the title “Autistic Centered Therapy - AuCT”

Matt Lowry, LPP, tells his co-host, Dr. Angela Lauria all about AuCT: a style of therapy that he created to help support his autistic clients in an authentic, neurodiversity-affirming way.

“CBT just taught me, like, “Mask harder. Don't be annoyed. Ignore your senses.”

“CBT does not work for us because it's not structured for our brains.”

“(CBT)'s essentially gaslighting. But for neurotypical people, it starts pruning their synapses. But, since we don't do that, it's completely meaningless for us.”

What do you think the world would be like if AuCT was taught in graduate school programs for therapists and social workers? Where else should it be taught?

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