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Autistic Centered Therapy - AuCT (Episode 47)

Autistic Centered Therapy - AuCT (Episode 47)

Healing the trauma of ableism and honoring authentic Autistic expression
 Episode 47: Autistic Centered Therapy – AuCT. Listen now | Healing the trauma of ableism and honoring authentic Autistic expression
M: And even the best therapists out there are not well educated on our experience.

Dr. Angela Lauria and Matt Lowry, LPP, discuss Matt’s brain child: "Autistic-Centered Therapy" (AuCT) - a therapeutic approach specifically tailored to serve the needs of Autistic individuals.

“Because there are so many autistic people in the world who don't know how to be Autistic because you've grown up in a world that demeans you, that tells you to be different, that tells you to be something else, and you don't know how to be the genuine you. We have to do a lot of uncovering.” - Matt

They critique mainstream, allistic-centered therapy such as CBT as well as the more overtly damaging ABA therapy, which aims to force Autistic children and adults to conform to allistic expectations rather than accepting and supporting them.

“The therapy was definitely making me need therapy.” - Angela

Instead, Autistic-Centered Therapy has 4 main components:

  1. Autistic interpersonal therapy - Focused on encouraging Autistics to genuinely be themselves, pursue special interests, openly stim, infodump, etc without judgment. This often requires unlearning and healing internalized ableism.

  2. Autistic trauma work - Processing past trauma from rejection, criticism, assault etc that Autistics face, through an autism-affirming, non-judgmental lens, that takes into account the unique, highly embodied, ways that Autistics process information and experiences.

  3. Advocacy work - Helping autistics advocate for their personal needs as well as spreading awareness and fighting back against ableist systems, more broadly.

  4. "Automotive maintenance" - Guiding Autistics on better understanding and caring for their sensory needs, setting healthy boundaries, managing energy levels/burnout etc., and otherwise tending to their ‘Autistic meat bodies.’

“Autistic people, we don't need therapy because we're Autistic - because being Autistic is perfectly fine; it's a neurotype. - We need therapy because we are often anxious and depressed from living in a world that doesn't understand us.” - Matt

The hosts share some positive examples of how their podcast and approach has helped Autistic individuals as well as relationships where one or more partner is Autistic.

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