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Careers are Autistic (Episode 44)

Careers are Autistic (Episode 44)

Featuring an interview with Maisie Soetantyo from Autism Career Pathways
Listen to Autistic podcast hosts discuss: Careers are Autistic. Autism podcast | Interview with fellow Autistic Maisie Soetantyo from Career Pathways. They talk about how Autistics can build careers that play to Autistic strengths and support Autistic needs and interests.
A: And yes, that is what we want. If it is your special interest, there is no one we want more than you.

Dr. Angela Lauria and Matt Lowry, LPP, are joined by Autistic guest, Maisie Soetantyo, who talks about her former experience working in ABA (applied behavioral analysis) therapy, and being unable to shake the feeling that something wasn’t right with trying to make Autistic kids fit a neurotypical mold.

She shifted to using a neurodiversity-affirming relationship-based approach instead, helping families support their Autistic children by trusting their own intuitions as parents. Maisie emphasizes allowing Autistic children to nurture their interests and passions instead of redirecting them. This helps build their identity and eventually guides them toward careers.

“And people keep wanting to put autistic and neurodivergent people in boxes and tell us what to do. And so my mission has always been about educating…How to shift that mindset when you are in the presence of an Autistic person, because otherwise you're missing out, and the world is missing out.” —Maisie

There is pressure on parents of newly diagnosed Autistic children to follow “expert” advice, but they need to reconnect with their own instincts and recognize the insidious nature of institutions that prioritize profits over people. Forcing children to be someone they are not is traumatic, and ultimately, is unsuccessful anyway.

“So specific to autism, we say autism is a dynamic disability, where not just every day is different—moment to moment is different.” —Maisie

Maisie co-runs Autism Career Pathways, connecting Autistic adults with families raising Autistic kids, and educating the wider community.

Meaningful employment looks different for everyone. She advises Autistic people looking for sustainable careers to invest in learning about themselves from Autistic lived-experience resources (books, blogs, etc.), find community, and define ideal work conditions for their needs. Self-advocacy starts with knowing yourself.

For businesses hiring Autistics, she urges them not to underestimate Autistics or to make snap judgements based on ableist stereotypes. Neurodivergent people can offer heightened creative skills and problem solving (among other things) if given the right opportunities and accommodations.

They discuss the need for more paid Autistic-led advocacy instead of expecting Autistic advocates to work for free. Autistics need to value their skills and resist being exploited.

Maisie's favorite thing about being Autistic is her constant creative flow of ideas and ability to connect with all kinds of people—a skill she learned by being raised in a neurodivergent household.

Maisie shared about her neurodivergent family and upbringing. In the comments, tell us which aspects of Autistic culture played a strong, positive role in your childhood.

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