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Cats are Autistic (Episode 46)

Cats are Autistic (Episode 46)

A cat is not a "disordered" dog...It is a cat.
Listen to Autistic podcast hosts discuss: Cats are Autistic. Autism podcast | Are cats Autistic? Matt and Angela discuss how cats exhibit behaviors and traits that align with Autistic experiences.
A: They've alerted the authorities. They're like, our humans are doing something that is not sanctioned. M: We did not authorize this. A: Oh, my God.

Dr. Angela Lauria and Matt Lowry, LPP, discuss how cats exhibit behaviors and traits that align with Autistic experiences. They compare cat quirks like sensory preferences, need for routines, communication styles, strong stress response, and special interests to common Autistic traits and experiences.

They explain how cats are particular about their surroundings and preferences, similar to how many Autistic children and adults prefer set routines in predictable environments. Cats also communicate in their own way that is understandable to those who take the time to learn it. Cats can even use AAC devices to communicate more clearly.

“And this is a big thing about non-speakers, because non-speaking does not mean non-thinking. Non-speakers often have lots and lots that they're thinking about…And the world is incredibly biased against the non-speakers of the world because for some reason we think that the ability to ramble on about nonsense is an indicator of intelligence.” —Matt

The hosts highlight famous Autistic-coded cats in media, including Garfield, Hello Kitty, the Cat in the Hat, and Hobbes from Calvin and Hobbes. They analyze how these cat characters represent aspects of Autistic Culture.

“(Garfield) does not like any disruptions to his routine. He values comfortable and familiar environments. He eats the same food—it might not be the food you expect…” —Angela

Throughout the episode, the hosts use examples of cat behavior to criticize ABA therapy (Applied Behavior Analysis) and argue that Autistic people, like cats, should be accepted for who they naturally are, and not forced to conform to allistic expectations and norms. They relate this to expecting a cat to act like a dog.

Overall, the hosts showcase cats as an emblem of Autistic culture and experience. They celebrate cat tendencies while arguing that Autistic people and their needs deserve the same appreciation and accommodation of their innate traits.

Which Autistic cat traits resonate with you? Share in the comments!

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