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Top 10 Pillars of Autistic Culture (Episode 50)

Top 10 Pillars of Autistic Culture (Episode 50)

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A: So if you love someone who has the heritage and the culture of autism, you get to celebrate that—you've got an ‘exchange student’ in your house.

Dr. Angela Lauria and Matt Lowry, LPP, celebrate their 50th podcast episode by reminiscing about some of their favorite past episodes that highlighted the Top Ten Pillars of Autistic Culture:

  1. Logic and strategy

    1. Episode 11: Sherlock is Autistic

    2. Episode 31: Chess is Autistic

  2. Linguistics and accents

    1. Episode 32: Animation is Autistic

  3. Deep thinking and insights

    1. Episode 03: Poetry is Autistic (Emily Dickinson episode)

    2. Episode 09: Fairy Tales are Autistic (Hans Christian Anderson episode)

  4. World building

    1. Episodes 16: Pokémon is Autistic

    2. Episode 39: Dungeons and Dragons is Autistic

  5. Data gathering, pattern formation, and analysis

    1. Episode 27: Trivia is Autistic

    2. Episode 35: Sex is Autistic (Alfred Kinsey episode)

  6. Innovative, game-changing ideas

    1. Episode 04: Industrial Light & Magic (Star Wars episode)

    2. Episode 37: Motion Pictures are Autistic

  7. Creativity and artistic expression

    1. Episode 19: Eminem is Autistic

    2. Episode 29: Questlove is Autistic

  8. Consistency and reliability

    1. Episode 21: Dino Nuggets are Autistic

    2. Episode 22: Trains are Autistic

  9. Justice and honesty

    1. Episode 15: Greta is Autistic

    2. Episode 42: McEnroe is Autistic

  10. Superfanning and fictional friends

    1. Episode 10: Star Trek is Autistic

    2. Episode 30: Doctor Who is Autistic

Over 49 episodes, Matt and Angela have aimed to resist a culture that is frequently hostile towards Autistics through sharing Autistic joy and by highlighting the unique contributions of famous Autistics across history. We’re here, we’re Autistic, get used to it!

At 11:06, Matt demonstrates one aspect of the Autistic accent and dialect. What does he say, and what part of Autistic Culture is he drawing from when he does it? Tell us in the comments and use #AutisticCultureCatch to share your answer on your social media and connect with other listeners!

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Welcome to the Autistic Culture Podcast. Each episode we dive deep into Autistic contributions to society and culture by introducing you to some of the world’s most famous and successful Autistics in history!
Whether you are Autistic or just love someone who is, your hosts, Dr. Angela Lauria, the Linguistic Autistic and Licensed Psychological Practitioner, Matt Lowry, welcome you to take this time to be fully immersed in the language, values, traditions, norms, and identity of Autistica!
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