"I wanna be the very best, the best there ever was." is the theme song to Pokemon people! Get with it! LOL <3

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These notes might help!

* Logic and strategy - Angela (chess, Sherlock, bottom up processing, hyper connected brain)

* Linguistics and accents - Matt (Animation, Autistic accent, mazing)

* Deep thinking and insights - Angela (Emily Dickinson, Hans Christian Anderson, autigender, hierarchies, literal interpretations)

* World building - Matt (Star Wars, Pokemon, D&D, hyper connected brain)

* Data gathering, pattern formation, and analysis - Angela (Kinsey, Trivia, pattern matching, monotropic/ hyperfocus, executive function, infodumps)

* Innovative, game-changing ideas - Matt (ILM, Motion Pictures, Animation/voice over artists, Echolalia, Palilalia, Echopraxia, Scripting, Eye Contact)

* Creativity and artistic expression - Angela (Eminem, Questlove, stims and spins)

* Consistency and reliability - Matt (Trains, Dino nuggets, hyper/hypo sensitive, Autistic Inertia, Difficulty Changing Tasks Expectation Sensitivity)

* Justice and honesty - Angela (Greta, McEnroe, rejection sensitivity, emotional intensity, meltdowns, burnout)

* Superfanning and fictional friends - Matt (Star Trek, Doctor Who, intense research, information hunger, collections, Bonding through Special Interests)

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Jan 3Liked by Angela Lauria

Then I will go with Superfanning/Fictional friends.

Or linguistics/accents.

That was a great way to organise the notes.

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That was the document we recorded from. Unlike our other episode this one was recorded live at an event which is why it sounds different. Normally we record audio on separate tracks and Aaron, our sound engineer, can fix it when we talk over each other but since this episode was recorded differently the sound is more challenging! Drive me nuts as a listener too!

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And if Matt were doing a voice over actor at 11:06...

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The Pillar of Autistic Culture I heard in 11:06 was:

Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

He was drawing from Doctor Who?

And the Pillar involved is - Creativity

and Justice.

I was not aware that love of world-building was about "being the best that there ever was" or "best like nothing ever was".

I did know it was about making worlds better to live and work in.

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Perhaps I should have said, "Starting at 11:06" because you're right. What I was referring to was the little bit of dialogue that starts with the chuckling when Matt takes on the voice of a Star Wars Sith Lord, Emperor Palpatine, and quotes, "Let the hate flow through you" in his best creepy voice. You were close with Doctor Who! Sci Fi for sure! Creativity is definitely on show in that one and I'd say a bit of the Autistic dialect and some super fanning too!

I think I see what you're saying. But I think "being the best there ever was" can be about making worlds better to live in. Part of our data hunger and intrinsic motivation is wanting to know all the things and learn all the skills! LOL! "The best there ever was" for allistics might be a hierarchical power-over attitude: "I want to be better than you," but within Autistic Culture, it's more like: "I want to be the best there ever was at archiving Black American music," (like Autistic icon Questlove ep. 29) for instance. Less about beating others and more about achieving excellence in our niche of interest just because the work itself feels good. What do you think?

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PS I'm River, the Content Manager for TACP :)

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Jan 11Liked by River Robbins

Hi River!

Now that I know that the dialogue is from Star Wars:

Star Wars and Doctor Who seem to have a very different approach to hate

and the whole "Let the hate flow through you".

Questlove example was terrific!

With Questlove the work built in more and more on itself and beyond itself.

We hadn't really a vision of what a Black American musical archive could be before - or what it might take to have/be the best in that world.

I do understand the differences between the hierarchial power-over and I think the Autistic way is more of a Power To.

[and this is where the old Apple ad comes in - "The power to be your best"].


When the work feels good - we can tell.

And that work stretches and reaches across different cultures.

That was a wonderful creepy voice from Matt.

Also a concept about wanting to be "as good as" / "like" people in your field/doing the thing.

And if anyone else has any ideas...

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