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Being Henry: The Fonz and Beyond - BOOK CLUB #09

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Being Henry: The Fonz and Beyond - BOOK CLUB #09

by Henry Winkler

Dr. Angela Lauria tells co-host, Matt Lowry, all about Henry Winkler’s fascinating life as shared in his autobiography.

  • The real “dork-o-rama” behind the Fonz.

  • Social differences, imposter syndrome, and generous activism.

  • Angela’s honest review of Winkler’s recent show, “Barry.”

  • Winkler’s personal journey with dyslexia as a student, a father, and an advocate.

  • Plus, what Angela thinks Winkler’s next book should be about.

“He is the author of a children's series that's based on his life that is specifically for dyslexic kids.”

“Then he gets this job and is massively successful, but still unhappy and unfulfilled. And then he gets a late in life dyslexia diagnosis.”

“He literally describes being Autistic in great detail.”

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The Autistic Culture Podcast
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