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Belly Dancing is Autistic (Episode 71)

Belly Dancing is Autistic (Episode 71)

An interview with Arielle Juliette
Two Autistic adults, Matt Lowry LPP and Dr. Angela Lauria, record a podcast with their guest, Arielle Juliette. The text reads: Belly Dancing is Autistic

Autistic hosts, Dr. Angela Lauria and Matt Lowry, LPP, interview belly dancer and entrepreneur, Arielle Juliette.

  • Sensory sensitivities and accommodations in dance.

  • Cultural appreciation versus cultural appropriation.

  • Running a business on “glitter and non-denominational Jesus.”

  • Echopraxia and Arielle’s other super hero powers.

  • Perks of (mild) hypermobility.

  • “Meat sack” and “brain sack” communication

  • How to teach dance using bottom up processing.

  • Angela and Arielle’s body liberation journeys.

  • Arielle’s autistic self-identification and realization he’s trans!

  • How internet trolls and haters helped Arielle tap into deeper self-acceptance and self-love.

  • Group stimming and regulation, plus body resonance fun!

  • Stimming as the genesis of great art.

“What if stimming is the core cultural attribute of some of our highest art?”

“So I actually, I recommend people have haters. I recommend you have haters, and that you say to them, ‘Fuck you. I'm doing me.’”

“It's about coming together for our weekly regulatory time. You know, we have this set time that we will always come and regulate together. We're going to shimmy, we're going to stim, we're going to sing, we're going to sweat. It's going to be awesome.”

Arielle Juliette (he/him and she/her) is the owner of Dance Life, where he cultivates an atmosphere that celebrates, supports, and embraces the autistic dance experience. Arielle has had a special interest in dance since 2004, and shares her love of Egyptian dance in particular through silly songs and easy to understand anecdotes, while leaving behind the allistic conformity of right/left, counts, and perfection. He also creates viral social media videos, where he strives to bring his unmasked, joyful, autistic self and the idea that all bodies (and neurotypes!) are worthy.

Have you group stimmed in some way? What was your experience?

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The differences between Egyptian and Turkish dance

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