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Came here from The Good Place epi and now I have two new shows to add to my watchlist. Thanks!

Tangentially related, but I'd be super interested in an episode on autism and witchy stuff, because I know several ND people, myself included, who are into it in one way or another. It might be A Thing

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Love the podcast, such a great time and celebration of our culture! My kids and I are rewatching P&R and now it’s so obvious why I connect with the show so well. I referenced the show and this podcast episode in my most recent Substack post ☺️

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Leslie knope, Ben, etc DONT have autism; are you kidding me? You can find ASD traits in anyone, doesn't make them autistic. Wow

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Hi Dr. Steins,

Thanks for your note. We are pointing to traits that represent Autistic Culture which is our mission on the show. People recognize an Irish accent, or an Italian gondolier, or German engineering. Our goal is to help people recognize the traits and values of Autistica as easily. Leslie, Ben, and all of Parks and Rec are great examples of our culture as Autistic people. While I disagree that you can find “ASD traits in anyone,” I agree those traits don’t make them Autistic anymore than a little Mexican girl doing Irish dance would make her Irish but it would still be an example of the power of Irish culture. Whether these characters are or are not Autistic is not our point. Our point is they are representing our traditions, norms, and values. Thats what our show is all about!

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