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Animation is Autistic (Episode 32)

Animation is Autistic (Episode 32)

Echolalia and bottom-up processing, give Autistic voice actors a leg-up in the world of animation!
Listen to Autistic podcast hosts discuss: Animation is Autistic. Autism podcast | Join us as we dive into a world filled with Autistic characters, Autistic actors, and Autistic cartoons based on Autistic scripting and echolalia!
Matt: Did you know that they've done brain scans and a specific area lights up for Pokemon names that is unrelated to family or friends’ names? Angela: There's a Pokemon area of the brain for autistic people? Matt: Yes.

Animation is popular among Autistic children and adults alike. Listen in, as Matt Lowry, LPP gives his co-host Dr. Angela Lauria a delicious infodump on voice over actors featured on Futurama, Ren and Stimpy, Ghostbusters, Transformers, DragonballZ, Street Fighter, Rick & Morty, and more!

Many famous voice actors are officially in Club ‘tism!

Hyperconnected mirror neurons and echolalia often results in impressive skills at copying people’s accents and movements which, along with bottom up processing, leads autistics to being great actors and replicators of all things.

Specific voice actors like Corey Burton, Frank Welker, Billy West, and Kyle Hebert are highlighted as on the autism spectrum. Their prolific roles in cartoons and anime are mentioned. The community of voice actors is described as close-knit and supportive, which creates a neurodiversity-supportive environment that allows Autistic talents to thrive.

“I think one of the big payoffs of having a special interest and having a monotropic focus and being able to really master an art. And there are a lot of autistic people in this space who have mastered the art of voiceovers and animation.” —Angela

The podcast hosts discuss animators like Tim Burton, Jorge Gutierrez, and Genndy Tartakovsky are discussed as openly (or just likely) Autistic. Their singular focus aids in animation. Burton struggles working within the neurotypical Hollywood system while producing Autistic-coded films like Edward Scissorhands.

“We are taught all the way through school that we need to sit down and be quiet and fit in. We are taught our entire lives that we need to fit in, but we spend the rest of our lives trying to stand out.” —Matt

On this week’s virtual culture trip, hosts emphasize the importance of special interests in finding Autistic community, even if not as a career. Shared interests like specific fandoms can lead to meeting fellow Autistics and forming authentic and nourishing relationships.

The creative fields of voice acting, animation, and related passions are discussed as areas where Autistic traits are beneficial and abundantly represented within the culture.

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