This is my fave episode so far(currently on episode 40), I have always love Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and Belle is my favourite Disney Princess as I felt I connected more with her and now understand why lol I only recently figured out I was autistic about a month ago when I was demoted at work basically for being rude (even though I don’t feel I am, I try really hard to not come off that way as my “tone” has always been an issue for me), not being mature enough yet ( about to turn 32 lol), not being a team player, I’m insubordinate, I was rude to my supervisor when I wasn’t getting my way and wouldn’t look her in the eyes ( didn’t know at the time, but I was having a melt down and eye contact is harder to do for me when that is happening), also I talk over her in meetings and interrupt her, the list goes on. I told my manager that at this point in my life that this is just my personality as this seems to be the same issues I have at every work place I am at, she said that it was behaviours and behaviours can be fixed. I spent the next few days wondering what the heck is wrong with me and some how the universe knew I needed an answer and came across a post about a list of autistic traits, I decided to take a look at it and found out I have about 90% of the traits they had on there! So I’m doing my research on Autism and the more I learn the more I realize that this is me, this is who I am and have been dealing with pretty much my whole life! Finding out I’m autistic explains so much for me, explains everything I have dealt with in my life, want I deal with on a daily basis, explains things that I haven’t been able to explain even to myself, I took a few tests online and it said i got like a 39 and a 41 and to talk to my doctor (have an appointment with her tomorrow). I feel more confidence in myself, I can understand my self better with the knowledge I’m getting about being autistic and can feel more confident in express my needs. I came across your podcast on Spotify as I am a fan of Pop culture and decide to check it out and instantly feel in love with it! (Currently obsessed with it lol) You guys are so amazing, you make listening to a podcast fun and entertaining, I find myself laughing out loud at work half the time because you are so great together and I’m just enjoying learning about Autisitic Culture and your views on things and the research you guys come up with, it’s just amazing! Well I’ve rambled on for a long time, but I just wanted to say how much I love your podcast and what amazing people I think you guys are, and I wondered if maybe you could do an episode on the show Atypical, interested to hear your thoughts on it and maybe colouring/crafts! Anyway, hope you guys are doing awesome and can wait to listen to more! 🫶🏼💗

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Happy Autmizvah Lyra!!! Thanks for your suggestion and for sharing your story! You are always welcome here in Autistica. Welcome home!!! We’ve been waiting for you.

(Stay tuned for next week when we will be talking about your tone!!! )

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