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Apple is Autistic (Episode 07)

Apple is Autistic (Episode 07)

People say Steve Jobs was an asshole as a boss. Was he? Or was he just Autistic and misunderstood?
A: So ruffling the feathers is the Autistic rite of passage. M: It really is. A: I don't know how many birds we go through, but we are always ruffling feathers, man.Autism Podcast | Was Steve Jobs Autistic?  Listen in to find out how he displayed classic autism symptoms in adults, suffered from autistic burnout, and how his story shines a light on why functioning labels are so problematic.
A: So ruffling the feathers is the Autistic rite of passage. M: It really is. A: I don't know how many birds we go through, but we are always ruffling feathers, man.

In this episode of The Autistic Culture Podcast:

Autism is an essential ingredient in the Apple success story. From the first button-less mouse, to the excruciating attention to detail of ever bevel and chamfer, we see the logical output of a highly connected brain in everything Apple produced under Steve Jobs.

Job embraced autism clothing in a personal uniform of black turtlenecks and jeans, reflecting Autistic desires for simplicity, comfort, and consistency. His strong dislike of buttons also aligned with Autistic aversions.

Jobs became obsessed with details like industrial design and color shades—much to the annoyance of his employees. This hyperfocus and need for precision is common among Autistics.

The podcast hosts argue Jobs was direct, not manipulative like a narcissist. He simply saw problems clearly and wanted to fix them, though his communication style upset others.

M: We see a difference. We understand the difference. There's a reason behind this.
A: And it's part of what makes Autistic Culture have some of the greatest contributions to humanity, like the touchless—the magic touchscreens of Apple! 
M: Exactly, exactly. Because you can't half-ass a revolution and changing the world.

Jobs practiced Zen Buddhism and combined its “empty” mindset with his interest in computers, pioneering innovative products like the iPad. Autistics often make these creative connections between their special interests and create something the world has never seen before.

Apple's iconic "Think Different" ad celebrated misfits and troublemakers who change the world. On this virtual culture trip, Autistic hosts feel this campaign perfectly represents the Autistic spirit and Autistic contributions to society.

What’s your experience working under neurotypical oversight? Tell us about it in the comments!

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