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Peanuts is Autistic (Episode 08)

Peanuts is Autistic (Episode 08)

Charles Schulz’s Charlie Brown character might be the first Autistic person we ever met. And Snoopy? Well, let’s just say he’s not from our culture but we love him anyway!
Listen to Autistic podcast hosts discuss: Peanuts is Autistic Autism Podcast | Was Charles Schulz on the Autism Spectrum?  Listen in to learn about the Autistic characters in his Autistic cartoon.  From Linus to Lucy, find out how the characters in Charlie Brown Christmas Tree, and the comic strip, exemplify Autistic traits.  If you're a fan you might just start wondering: "Am I autistic too?"
M: Our relationships are based on the three F's: Friends, family, and fictional characters.

In this episode of The Autistic Culture Podcast:

Charles Schulz created an Autistic world with his treasured Peanuts characters. Schulz had Autistic traits like monotropic focus, delight in routine, and social differences. The Peanuts characters reflect his personality.

“When we are engaged in our special interests…We're in this transcendent state of meditation and we need that to heal. Our bodies heal, our minds heal. It helps make us who we are and how to survive this chaotic world that does not like us.” —Matt

The Peanuts characters are hyperlexic (common among Autistics), and use complex vocabulary. Charlie Brown represents the rejection sensitivity and social exclusion Autistics often face. He models resilience despite constant setbacks. Linus is a deep thinker and philosopher, yet keeps his comfort item (blanket) on hand and orally stims with a thumb in his mouth. Lucy’s perfectionism and sarcasm and Schroeder’s obsession with Beethoven further represent Autistic individuals.

Schulz introduced Franklin to the cast to promote racial equality, doubling down when he faced racist backlash. Autistics have justice sensitivity and tend to strongly value fairness.

The podcast hosts emphasize creating community for Autistics and embracing passions, as Schulz did, which, they argue, is essential for Autistic mental health. Schulz died as his final Peanuts strip ran.

Special interests deeply define Autistic identity. The co-hosts share their monotropic interests and relate to bonding with fictional characters.

“I think special interests can save our lives, but also create amazing things in the world…but not if they're a reward.” —Angela

Peanuts highlights social differences, idiosyncratic speech, and monotropic thinking which are common among Autistic people and shape Autistic Culture. Spend some time with us on a virtual culture trip, as we dance through the Autistic highs and lows of life with the Peanuts crew.

Which Peanuts character do you relate to most? Tell us in the comments!

What other beloved children’s character is Autistic? Listen to Episode 22: Trains are Autistic to learn about the latest (autistic) character to join Thomas the Tank Engine!

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