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Freddie Mercury is Autistic (Episode 73)

Freddie Mercury is Autistic (Episode 73)

I want to break free
Two Autistic adults, Matt Lowry LPP and Dr. Angela Lauria, record a podcast. The text reads: Freddie Mercury is Autistic

Dr. Angela Lauria shares Freddie Mercury’s amazing Autistic traits with her co-host, Matt Lowry, LPP.

  • How Freddie Mercury’s hypermobility and possible EDS resulted in an extraordinary vocal range.

  • Mercury’s many special interests including stamp collecting, cats, and Japanese art.

  • The important role that echolalia, echopraxia, and advanced pattern-matching played in Queen’s success.

  • The spectrum of Mercury’s sexuality and gender expression.

  • Quotes and lyrics that describe the experience of masking.

  • The classic, unfair reputation Autistics know all too well, and the pain of being chronically misunderstood.

  • Executive functioning differences and sensory sensitivity hacks.

“Members of the band said if he could be anywhere, he'd want to be home with his cats.”

“We're four misfits who don't belong together playing for other misfits.”

“I do think playing with commitment, monogamy, gender, sexuality—that is definitely a big part of our culture.”

“Boxes are largely conforming, and because we don't conform to a lot of society, it's hard for us to conform to those boxes.”

Do you relate to Freddie Mercury? Which Queen song do you listen to on repeat?

Freddie's hyper mobile joints

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