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George Lucas is Autistic (Episode 74)

George Lucas is Autistic (Episode 74)

This is the way
Matt Lowry LPP and Dr. Angela Lauria record a podcast. the title reads: George Lucas is Autistic.

Matt Lowry, LPP, gives his co-host, Dr. Angela Lauria, a special infodump about one of his idols: George Lucas.

  • Lucas’s early life, including his relationship with his Vader (“father”).

  • The vital role that PDA played in Lucas’s first film company. Plus, the many Autistic traits that helped Lucas to think outside of the box and change the way that movies are made.

  • Movie casting and socializing with the actors - Autistic style!

  • George Lucas’s personal journey from scrappy Rebel to lord of Empire.

“George Lucas is a socially awkward man who does not like eye contact or small talk, loves talking about: cars, things that move fast, technology, film editing. He loves mythology. He loves sociology. He loves how myth can make the world a better place. He's got a lot of social justice sensibilities. Yeah, I really think that there is a lot of evidence that says that he firmly belongs enshrined in the Autistica Hall of Fame.”

“He had a lot of new outside-of-the-box ideas. He did not follow traditional patterns. He was very, very much a learner.”

“Carrie Fisher said he had two directions: ‘Faster and more intense!’”

“But he said, ‘Fuck the systems. Fuck all the systems. I am out of the systems. I'm going to do the things the way that I want to do them.’ Because PDA.”

“She is and will always be an icon. She is one with The Force. May she rebel in peace.”

“He changed the way that movies were made.”

Are you a George Lucas fan? Or, are you a passionate filmmaker? Tell us about it in the comments!

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