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Is Bluey Autistic? (Episode 72)

Is Bluey Autistic? (Episode 72)

A really interesting left turn!
Two Autistic adults, Matt Lowry LPP and Dr. Angela Lauria, record a podcast. The text reads: Is Bluey Autistic?

Matt Lowry, LPP and Dr. Angela Lauria chat about the popular Australian cartoon, Bluey.

  • Bluey’s short episodes and silly imaginary play is accessible for children, but the deeper themes and storylines are geared towards adults, making it fun and enriching for the whole family.

  • Research on Bluey and the ‘tism that resulted in a mix of evidence and, “A really interesting left turn!”

  • Why some Autistics love Waldorf schools…and why some (including Angela) cannot stand them.

“I have been brought to many a tear by Bluey and her family.”

“Oh, no! We almost got through an episode without intense controversy!”

“I know it must be pattern matching, but it feels like I'm psychic.”

“I found it fantastic. Fantastically horrifying.”

Are you autistic and a little psychic? Give us chills—share a psychic experience in the comments!

The 7 Core Principles of Waldorf Education for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Bluey is Great, but…

An Overview of Waldorf Schools

Montessori vs. Waldorf schools

‘Bluey’ Creator Joe Brumm On Making A TV Juggernaut, Not Compromising His Vision & The Heeler Family’s Future

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