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Poetry is Autistic (Episode 03)

Poetry is Autistic (Episode 03)

Emily Dickinson captures the essence of Autistic Culture.
Listen to Autistic podcast hosts discuss: Poetry is Autistic | Autistic celebrities | Was Emily Dickinson Autistic? Have you wondered about autism symptoms in women?  Or Autistic artists from history?  What about Autistic authors?  We're talking all of that and more! Listen in to find out how Emily Dickinson (and her stellar autistic clothing) fits into Autistic Culture!
A: And she would call herself a boy, a prince, an earl, or a duke…We got some gender fluidity in the house!

In this episode of The Autistic Culture Podcast:

Actually Autistic podcast hosts, Angela and Matt, discuss how Emily Dickinson's special interest of writing poetry exemplifies the Autistic trait of "monotropism."

Emily avoided social obligations like visiting neighbors, often pleading illness, preferring to stay at home reading and writing. Her sensory issues, gastrointestinal problems, and disinterest in small talk align with common Autistic experiences.

Matt: Brain scans show that neurotypicals tune out 98% of all sensory data that we don't.

Angela: So when you're sitting around making small talk with people, you can literally feel your skin crawling and time passing and the decaying of your body as you talk about the finery of crumpets.

She was an 18th Century gender-bending rebel who found creative ways to pursue a close romantic relationship with her sister-in-law, Susan. Her writings held truths "with a slant," allowing self-expression without fully disclosing her sexuality or gender to a judgmental society.

“She wants to live a bold life. She wants to potentially have a relationship with a woman. Emily might wanted to have been a man and all of these things are out of reach to someone who was born female in the Dark Ages.” –Matt

Emily created a life where she could focus on her special interest, writing poetry. This required creative solutions including crafting an Autistic "uniform" of white cotton dresses rather than follow fashion norms.

The hosts see parallels to strengths-based views of autism. Her passion for reading and writing poetry was evident throughout her lifespan and while only ten of her poems were published, her full body of work make a huge literary impact. They conclude poetry provides perspective into neurodiverse minds. Emily's life shows the benefits of embracing Autistic culture.

Emily left a legacy of authenticity and healthy boundaries and modelled unique ways of breaking the social rules of the society she lived it.

Do you have an old diary filled with moody poetry? Do you delight in all things literary? Tell us about it in the comments!

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