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Matt and Angela are available for Podcast interviews, virtual summits & conferences, mastermind guest talks, and customized workshops, both individually and together.

Podcast Guests:

As podcasters ourselves, we understand the important role guests play in the success of your show. We have been featured on a number of podcasts including:

Hear Angela as a guest on:
Meet My Autistic Brain: How AI Benefits Autistics
Spectrumly Speaking: Embracing Autistic Joy with Dr. Angela Lauria
Successful, Self-employed, and Disabled: Dr. Angela Lauria Talks About Creating Success as an Autistic Entrepreneur
Beyond Confidence: Innovators on the Spectrum
Relationship Diversity Podcast: Understanding Autism and Mixed Neurotype Relationships
The Shameless Mom Academy: Navigating the World After an Adult Autism Diagnosis
Square Peg: Relaxing into the Truth of who we are as Late-diagnosed Autistic Adults
1000 Voices: Unmasking Autism - and Revealing its True Power
Not Your Average Runner: Talking Autism and Running with It

Hear Matt as a guest on:
No Limits with Lisa Jacovsky: A conversation wtih Matt Lowry licensed psychological practitioner, autistic man and parent of an autistic individual
The Diversity Pivot: April is Autism Acceptance Month with Matt Lowry
Differences not Deficits: A Conversation with Matt Lowry, LPP Pt. 1
Differences not Deficits: A Conversation with Matt Lowry, LPP Pt. 2
Neurodiversity Podcast: Not a Disease, Understanding Autism as a Difference
Two Sides of the Spectrum: Strengths Based Diagnostics & "The Legend of Autistica”

Read articles featuring Matt:
Forbes Magazine: 3 Ways To Be Better Ally To People With Autism In The Workplace

Masterclasses, Talks & Workshops:

Matt and Angela can customize talks for your audience, goals, and time frame.

The Neurodiversity Movement is a rapidly growing, global effort to have neurodiversity recognized as a natural and beneficial form of human diversity. Having people with lived experience centered in all public conversations is viewed as critical to the mission of expanding true understanding and ending oppression.

Autistic Culture is rich, diverse, and nuanced.  Like any culture, autism has art, music, mannerisms, dress, language, rituals, food, and yes—podcasts! By exploring our Autistic heirtage and our “family tree,” we provide insights to bridge the “double empathy” gap between autistics and allistics, to make the world a safer and happier place where people of all neurotypes can thrive.  

Angela and Matt can speak individually or together about Autistic Culture, sharing success stories and best practices for creating a more neurodiversity-affirming world.

Angela and Matt have been featured together by the Association for Autism and Neurodiversity From Community to Culture: Valuing the Autistic Identity

Additionally, here are some sample topics for Matt as a solo speaker:

  • Beyond the DSM: Reframing Autism as Neurodiversity

  • Centering the Autistic Experience in Therapy: An Introduction to Autistic-Centered Therapy (AuCT)

  • Family-Friendly Policies for Neurodivergent Parents

And, here are some sample topics for Angela as a solo speaker:

  • The Competitive Advantage of Having Autistic People on Your Team

  • Accommodating All Brains: Creating More Accessible Workplaces

  • Amplifying Neurodivergent Voices: Sensory-Friendly Workspaces for Focus and Productivity

Do you want to book Matt & Angela to be guests on your podcast or to speak at your professional event?

To inquire, e-mail us at with:

  1. The name and a link or web address to the podcast or organization. 

  2. The venue (virtual or in-person).

  3. Times and dates of recording or event.

  4. What is the topic of the podcast or event?

  5. How did you learn about us and why do you think we’d be a good fit?

Dr. Angela Lauria is a late-diagnosed Autistic who has drawn on her life-long special interest in non-fiction to help almost 2,000 entrepreneurs write, publish, and promote their books through her company Difference Press. Her mission is to help Autistic people identify their unique superpowers and kryptonite and help create a more neurodiversity-affirming world so everyone can maximize their time in the superpower zone. Angela is also an author herself with 8 books, including a Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestseller. She has a B.A. and an M.A. in Journalism and Media Affairs from George Washington University and a PhD in Communications from European Graduate School. She lives in Washington DC.

Matt Lowry, LPP is a Licensed Psychological Practitioner who works exclusively with Autistic clients, performing neurodiversity-affirming evaluations and providing Autistic Centered Therapy (a form of therapy that he founded).  Don’t let his imposing frame and big beard fool you–Matt is a sensitive and generous professional, friend, and (most importantly) dad.  Matt works hard to expand autistic access and is currently helping to build an Autistic-friendly, Autistic-ran, medical facility in his home state of Kentucky.  The podcast benefits from his insights and his way with words.  There’s a reason that Matt has gone viral on TikTok twice without even having a TikTok account–tune into the podcast to find out why!