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Pokémon is Autistic (Episode 16)

Pokémon is Autistic (Episode 16)

Did you ever wonder why Autistic people love Pokémon?
Autism Podcast | Does Satoshi Tajiri have autism? | The creator of Pokemon is one of the biggest Autistic celebrities out there! He used his special interests to create Autistic animals in an Autistic cartoon that took the world by storm!
A: I do want to catch them all. I want to be the very best. M: Like no one ever was? A: Exactly.

In this episode of The Autistic Culture Podcast:

Hosts Matt and Angela share why so many Autistic people have an affinity for Pokémon (one of the most beloved franchises in history) and its characters. Pokémon not only taps into natural Autistic skills, it also helps to build authentic community around a shared interest.

Creator of Pokemon, Satoshi Tajiri (officially diagnosed on the autism spectrum), was obsessed with collecting and cataloging bugs as a child, which later inspired his idea for a hugely successful series of games that has since become iconic around the world. The need to collect, categorize, and understand all the different Pokémon appeals strongly to autistic adults and children alike.

Podcast hosts go on to talk about the concept of "Flow": a state of complete absorption in an activity. They relate this to Tajiri's intense focus in creating the original Pokémon games. Autistic individuals are prone to entering Flow states when engaged in their special interests. Pokémon's vast, intricate world taps into an Autistic person's curiosity and persistence.

M: I went to this training led by a neurotypical person about autism.
A: Oh my favorite.
M: I will never forget this.
A: My favorite. Autistic trainings run by allistic people. Mmm! Bring it on!
M: Exactly…He said, and I quote, “There's a special place in hell for the person who created Pokemon because of the obsession it causes in children with autism. And being an Autistic person...
A: And by obsession, you mean joy and fun? Is that...
M: That's the thing.
A: No more joy and fun for Autistic people!

Pokémon is representative of Autistic Culture because of the ability to collect and analyze data, follow intrinsic motivations, and achieve Flow states. Pokémon provides a world where Autistic skills are celebrated and Autistic socializing is supported. On this culture trip, the hosts praise it as an immersive special interest that encapsulates the Autistic experience.

Do you, “Gotta catch ‘em all?” Tell us about it in the comments!

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