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Rick and Morty is Autistic (Episode 70)

Rick and Morty is Autistic (Episode 70)

Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!

Matt Lowry, LPP shares a deep dive on Rick and Morty with co-host, Dr. Angela Lauria.

  • How getting fired from Community propelled Autistic writer, Dan Harmon, to create Rick and Morty.

  • The Back to the Future origins of Rick and Morty, plus fanbase shenanigans.

  • Processing childhood trauma through writing.

  • The complex relationship many autistics have with talk therapy.

  • Why Autistic culture is filled with meta references.

  • Autistic personal growth journeys and learning to embrace your true self.

  • Emotional-support people and why we need them.

“We are going to be talking about what it might be one of the finest and most Autistic cartoons of all time that has possibly the most toxic fan base of all time.”

“So at the time, he was a massive, massive, massive, self-loathing alcoholic. And that came out in the character of Rick.”

“It's a very big show of growth—especially from an autistic perspective—and how we learn to more effectively relate to the people around us, how we find ourselves, how we state our own needs.”

Are you a Rick & Morty fan? What do you relate to most?

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